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In under one hour at our Dental Care at Loughman Crossing office, you can undergo a simple, painless process for whitening your teeth with LaserSmile®. The combination of ingredients (including hydrogen peroxide), along with its effective treatment, makes LaserSmile® a popular option for teeth whitening. Its quick treatment reduces the risk of sensitivity and the discomfort of excess heat, making the LaserSmile® treatment both comfortable and safe.

Before whitening begins, the dentist or hygienist will protect your gums with a barrier. Next, the gel is applied to your teeth. Then, your dentist then uses the handpiece to direct the laser onto the teeth to activate the gel. The laser is applied for bursts of 15 seconds, for up to a total of 16 minutes. Finally, the gel is rinsed from the teeth, and the barrier on the gums is removed. With proper dental hygiene, teeth whitening with LaserSmile® can last for many years.

Arguably the most advanced whitening treatment on the market, LaserSmile® can restore the sparkle to your smile, and boost confidence in your appearance. To find out more about LaserSmile® or our other teeth whitening treatments, call Dental Care at Loughman Crossing at 863-240-0873 or make an appointment.